In the context of the MPA-B Anthology(The closing edition of the Month of Performance Art Berlin)ZK/U Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik - 6th of May 2015. 
AN IDEA INITIATED AND CURATED BYEva Giannakopoulou and Rilène Markopoulou.
 NETTING THE WORK is a platform aiming to explore the links between performance, the everyday and the human flows under the prism of transition and displacement. It is a project that focuses on challenging social and artistic topics by exploring their connotations in different countries, platforms and Performance Festivals around Europe. Considering that performance has become a central lens for understanding a multiplicity of cultural phenomena, the platform attempts to critically observe diverse contemporary circumstances through artistic representations, as well as regulating dominant and hierarchical cultural schemes in different spaces and social realities.Through the practice of displacement, Netting the Work initiates connections and discourses in the field of Performance art, seeking to capture a crucial turning point: That of the constant movement in a constantly ever-changing society.