Sonakinography explores the acoustics of large architectural spaces and body acts as an instrument to examine, an object of negotiation, fermentation and reprocessing.
The piece of the installation composed in the Cathedral in three parts, creating a complex mass of sound, molded from many individual events. The sounds are pre-recorded micro events. They played back and re-recorded again reinforced by the reverberation of the space.
The sound accents the materiality and the properties of the space, through reflection and resonance, and in turn, these characteristics affect the given sound and the way it is perceived. The architecture of the space is taken on, processed and reconfigured by positioning sound in relation to its given acoustics. Echoes the complex and contested field of the space as an open condition of constant reflection and not as a consolidated structure: as a process in becoming and not as a given. As a process for enlarger environmental potential.


The elements of the work can be understood through the patterns of sound movement in space, where each micro event is present. Yet, it is the resulting complexity of the total system, that defies any attempt in dissecting it. The multitudinous movement frames the structure of the individual sonic particles. In this space we are able to perceive the modulations from sparse scatterings to dense scintillations. Each of the parts is a different aural event constructed in the studio starting from a wide variety of sonic materials that are de-constructed and reassembled according to perceptive and spatial criteria.